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The NHT Network is a service improvement organisation providing a range of benchmarking services for the Highways & Transport sector, available on a subscription basis to Local Authorities and their delivery partners.

The NHT Network has developed a range of benchmarking services to meet the changing demands of the sector, these are listed below. The NHT Public Satisfaction Survey, The NHT Public Representative Survey, CQC Efficiency Network and the NHT Performance Management Framework (PMF).

Each of thse services has its own Steering Group drawn from the membership. The NHT Survey Steering Group is chaired by David Walters, Regulation & Governance Manager, Staffordshire County Council. The CQC Efficiency Network is chaired by Jason Russell, Deputy Director Environment & Infrastructure, Surrey County Council. The NHT PMF Group is chaired by Jonathan Munslow, Asset & Infrastructure Group Manager, South Gloucestershire Council.

Existing Members


NHT Public Satisfaction Survey - To see the 112 Authorities taking part in 2017 please click here

CQC Efficiency Network - To see the 90 CQC members please click here

NHT PMF Group - To see the members of the PMF Group please click here

Benefits of Membership


The NHT Network is probably the largest Network of its kind in the UK, bringing together well over one hundred Highway Authorities with a common interest in measuring performance, benchmarking and sharing good practice to achieve improved efficiency.  Membership of the NHT Network ensures that all members are measured in a like for like manner giving confidence in results and providing a solid foundation for benchmarking, sharing good practice and analysing trends. Each service has its own database provided by measure2improve who provide members with comprehensive analysis in the form of reports, graphs, and dashboards.

The CQC Efficiency Network is run in partnership with the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at the University of Leeds, where Dr Phill Wheat and his team are constantly improving the way in which data is analysed to ensure that each member's results truly reflect the individual characteristics of its authority area and network, when calculating its efficiency opportunities.

The NHT PMF Group provides a common methodology for measuring performance as recommended in the DFT's Self-Assessment document, again ensuring not only a framework of measures designed for the industry by practitioners but also a reliable method of comparing performance.

Although these NHT NEtwork services focus on improvement through the collection and comparison of data, the Network offers much more: it actively encourages members to share experiences and good practice through member meetings, conferences, facilitated workshops, case studies and practice notes.

Becoming a Member


Participation in the annual NHT Public Satisfaction Survey by any Highway Authority in the UK provides automatic membership of the Network for one year, which includes reduced charges for conferences. Order forms are circulated to all Highway Authorities in February or an Expression of Interest form can be downloaded here.

Membership of the CQC Efficiency Network is £3,500 per annum. A discount of £250 is available upon renewal of an existing membership and authorities also taking part in the NHT Public Satisfaction Survey in the same year are entitled to a further £250 discount.

To find out how to join the NHT PMF Group or for more information about Regional Benchmarking please contact Sharon Andrews - contact details below.



Sharon Andrews
NHT Network Account Manager
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Direct Dial: 01884 842031
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