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Estimated Efficiency Savings of £22.4M over past four years. Cambridgeshire County Council

Savings have been made through operational efficiencies, co-location, re-use/recycling of material & more


Savings were made from:

  • Re-use of recycled material, including washing/grading of old surface dressing chippings.
  • Recycle of tar material
  • Operational efficiencies including co location in depots.
  • Purchase of some plant rather than hire.
  • Review of policy.
  • Savings from staff suggestions.
  • Back office streamlining of processes.


The figure shown above includes all savings.  Some savings are non-carriageway related as it was not easy to split.  However, the majority do relate to carriageway and include savings from doing things differently; but it was not possible to isolate the savings related to these activities.

The savings equate to a percentage of the turnover of the Term Maintenance Contract of between 4% and 6.7% over a four-year period and not specifically to carriageways.  Efficiencies from EHA not captured here.

Other Information:

Data is used to produce Life Cycle plans and therefore predict long term need.
Carry out SCRIM (skid resistance) survey routinely and scheme specific deflectograph surveys.

Cambridgeshire do not operate separate winter depots, all winter operations run from the main depots.

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