Durham County Council

Attaining Incentive Fund Level 3. Durham County Council

Presentation includes steps to attain BS11000 and ISO 55001 plus summaries of Key Evidence


A Presentation given at the NHT Conference in November 2016 by John Reed, Head of Technical Services, Durham County Council.


Following confirmation by DfT of the highway maintenance funding regime in December 2014 a review was undertaken in December 2014, which concluded that:

  • Durham was in a good position for most of the topics
  • The key challenge would be achieving BS 11000 'Collaborative Business Relationships' and a business case would be required.
  • It was also decided to produce a business case for ISO 55001 Asset Management

  • The presentation detailing Durham's journey to achieving Level 3 can be downloaded below (2.9MB)

    For more information please contact John Reed. Email: john.reed@durham.gov.uk

    8 Durham Incentive Fund Self-Assessment (V5) (18.11.16).ppt