Islington London Borough Council

HMEP Collaboration & Change LEAN

London Borough of Islington

We decided to do this work because if was the right thing to do.  We wanted to change the culture and at the same time get efficiencies so we focused on customers not processes - if you look after that then everything else happens.  We don't believe that LEAN is something different to the day job - it's about the normal rules of common sense and doing the right thing for our customers.

Taking this LEAN perspective means that we respond very differently to service requests from the public.  When we get a call the information goes straight to the computer in the car of one of our operatives and they go straight out and fix it.  We don't do any pre-inspection and find that we can fix 70% first time working this way.  If we get a call about a pothole that is 25mm deep (out intervention criteria is 40mm) we still do it because we have cut out all the waste and this prevents all of the follow up and complaints and gives a great service.  We also use postcards to find our how satisfied our customers are and to get feedback that helps us to keep improving.  The LEAN principles of customer perspective and eliminating waste are at the heart of what we do.

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