Southwark London Borough Council

2017 NHT Survey - Biggest Improver in Tackling Congestion

NHT Survey results demonstrate consistent improvement since 2010 for Southwark Council

London Borough of Southwark received an NHT award for the overall number of Benchmark Indicators with increases above 5% and specifically for the following elements of the Tackling Congestion theme:

Efforts to Reduce Delays to Traffic                              8% year on year improvement

Time Taken to Complete Roadworks                           8% year on Year improvement

Signposting of Road Diversions                                  7% year on year improvement

Efforts to Minimise Nuisance to Residents                  9% year on year improvement

The Management of Roadworks Overall                     7% year on year improvement

Dale Foden, Highway Maintenance Manager at London Borough of Southwark, attributed the improvement in public perception to an emphasis on better communication and understanding between departments and improving communication with residents, businesses and other stakeholders as well as tight control on all parties carrying out work on the borough's network.  Download the Case Study below.

Southwark TC case study 2017.pdf

NHT Conference 2017 Presentation. Southwark Council

Tackling Congestion

Improving Satisfaction with Cycling. Southwark Council

Introduction of 'Cycling for Everyone' strategy, and making cycling safer.