Bracknell Forest Council

Improved Public Satisfaction Cycling & Walking. Bracknell Forest Council

Awareness raising work by 'Bike It' Officer and consistent gap analysis of cycle ways



Bracknell Forest Council showed the biggest, year on year, overall improvement in the 2016 NHT Public Satisfaction Survey.  This was evidenced by an outstanding increase in Public Satisfaction in several of the themes on which the survey is based. This practice note deals with Walking & Cycling.

Improvement  in Walking & Cycling BIs:   Provision of cycle routes + 7%
Location of Cycle Routes + 7%

Bracknell Forest borough has almost 90 kilometres of traffic free cycle path. All major new housing developments in the borough are required to provide cycle
infrastructure and the council also carries out gap analysis of the cycle network to add additional sections as funding allows.

Although we have not added significantly to the cycle paths in the last 12 months, the success of our Bike It officer’s work with schools over the last year will undoubtedly have increased awareness of the availability of cycle routes to schools in the borough. We believe this is a major factor in the improvement in the satisfaction rating of location and availability of cycle routes.

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