Wokingham Borough Council

Improving Public Satisfaction with Condition of Road Surfaces. Wokingham Borough Council

Securing Local Sustainable Transport Fund Grant, extra investment in Sustainable Transport


Over 10% improvement on HMBI01 Condition of road surfaces +13.8% (2014 – 2015)

Changes in Approach

  • Additional investment in sustainable transport
  • Local Sustainable Transport Fund Grant secured
  • Resurfacing of more than 3 miles of well-used roads in past two years
    The results of this year’s survey may indicate success in some of the areas the council has made extra effort to understand and also come as a result of extra investment into sustainable transport which has delivered a multiplier effect.

    Firstly in 2011 the council was successful in securing a Local Sustainable Transport Fund Grant (LSTF) based on a corridor approach to improving the provision of sustainable transport. LSTF grant funding had two elements, revenue and capital. The council took the capital element and invested it along with highways maintenance programs to deliver a new cycleway along the length of the A329 corridor. The A329 is the main corridor through the borough and about 6.7 miles long and carrying approximately 24,000 vehicles a day. 60% of the borough’s population lives within a few miles of this corridor, so it’s well used and any changes are very visible.

    The capital programme to deliver a new on-carriageway cycleway has seen the highway layout of the A329 change significantly to provide the cycleway. Our corridor based approach has seen the council improve footways, improve traffic signals, remodel the carriageway and crucially resurface the road. Although the project is only half complete, it means in the last 2 years we have resurfaced more than 3 miles of the most well-used carriageway in the borough. When this is combined with other surfacing projects that are already in the capital programme, it gives the perception that there have been major improvements in the condition of the highway in recent years.

    Wokingham Borough Council has taken part in the NHT Public Satisfaction survey for the past six consecutive years. In 2015 Wokingham was amongst those authorities showing the biggest improvements in Public Satisfaction with Road Maintenance Benchmark Indicators (BIs):

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    Improving Public Satisfaction with Cycle Ways. Wokingham Borough Council

    Provision of new, highly visible cycle way using LSTF Grant

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