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Managing Streetworks and Reducing Congestion

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Street works are a particular concern for our residents. The Georgian street layout in Bath was designed for a time when people moved on foot or by horse and carriage. There is no ring road or bypass to take traffic around the City during road works. Street works in our rural community can be equally challenging and can involve long diversions, with resident concerns about the suitability of alternative traffic routes.  

The Council has made a concerted effort to improve customer satisfaction with our street works and delivered the following results in the 2016 NHT Public Satisfaction Survey:
  • TCBI 02-Efforts to reduce delays to traffic – up by 9.7%
  • TCBI 03-Time taken to complete roadworks – up by 16.0%
  • TCBI 06-Efforts to minimise nuisance to residents – up by 7.0%
  • TCBI 10-Waiting time at permanent traffic lights – up by 6.6%
  • TCBI 14-The routes taken by heavy goods vehicles - up by 5.6%

Please download the full case study, including contact details, below.

BANES Case Study 161116.pdf

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