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Animated Winter Service Infographics. Dorset County Council

Using animated infographics for improving communication


Dorset Highways review and refresh their infographics annually and this year decided to use animation to try and get the message across about our Winter Service.

The Communications member of staff who works in Highways used the online PowToon programme to devise the infographics. There is a free version of this online however we subscribed as we thought the paid versions would give us more flexibility. Costs can be found online at

The PowToon programme is easy to use with all of the different icons, backgrounds, shapes available and it was just a matter of building up what we required. This was the 1st time that Kerry had used this programme and it took her about 2.5 days to produce, but she felt that this was quite a complex animated video and that other topics would be easier to produce.

Dorset County Council had produced one other animation previously but already other areas in the council are looking to see where they can use it and we have had very positive feedback on it.

The animation went onto Facebook, Twitter & You Tube and already we have had queries back from New Zealand asking for further information about it.

The animation went live on 1st November and we are monitoring how many hits and views it has.

If anyone would like any further information about the animation please contact Kerry Hall, Communications Officer, 01305 228259.

The Animation can be downloaded in a zip file below (we were not able to upload the original file). If this causes any problem please email and we will send you a copy.

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