Plymouth City Council

Biggest Improver for Highway Maintenance. Plymouth City Council

Delivery of first-time permanent repairs. City-wide condition survey helped secure DfT funds & Council match-funding



Plymouth City Council has taken part in the NHT Public Satisfaction survey every year since its inception in 2008. In 2015 the City achieved the biggest improvement in satisfaction scores for the following Highway Maintenance Benchmark Indicators (BIs)

  • Biggest improvement on HMBI01 –Condition of road surfaces +19.8%
  • Biggest improvement on HMBI03 - Condition of road markings +11.0%
  • Biggest improvement on HMBI07 – Speed of repair to damaged roads & pavements +15.1%
  • Biggest improvement on HMBI08 - Quality of repair to damaged roads/pavement +15.3%
  • Over 10% improvement on HMBI13 - Deals with potholes & damaged roads +16.7%

Working closely with their contractor partner, Amey, and with a hands-on approach from Cllr Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport, Planning & Tourism changes were made to methods of delivery including:

  • Introducing a clear focus on  delivering first-time permanent repairs
  • A drive to repair 36,000 potholes since March 2014
  • Workbank now  less than 100
  • Investment in resurfacing:  Additional £20million over 10 years
  • Introduction of new technologies and treatments
  • Better communication with public and residents

Please download the full Case Study below.


Plymouth HM Case Study 151113.docx

NHT Conference Presentation - Plymouth City Council

Improving HIghway Condition in Plymouth