Coventry City Council

Improving Speed & Quality of Repair to Damaged Roads & Pavements. Coventry City Council

The Case Study highlights the restructing and changes to working practice introduced following a 'Lean' review



In 2014 Coventry City Council’s reactive highway maintenance service underwent a ‘Lean’ review carried out by an independent consultant. The recommendations and subsequent ways of working have included:

  • Majority 1st time permanent defect fixes.
  • Gang resource working in dedicated geographical ward areas
  • Improved and better contact between the street inspection team and the gangs including ability to send photographic information and emails via 'handheld to handheld' devices providing clear and confirmed information.
  • Street Inspection team use handhelds and 'Confirm' mobile software to raise and record jobs and send in 'real-time for repair. Operative gangs also have their jobs allocated via handheld device.
  • Monthly reported performance management figures include numbers of public enquiries, jobs raised/completed and outstanding jobs. End to end repair times for the different priority defects and the age of all outstanding jobs ensures there is clarity and confirmation of what is being achieved.

To read more about the outcome of this review and subsequent 2 year sustained and on-going methods of working and good practice please download the full case study below.

Coventry City Council NHT case study 2016.pdf