North East Lincolnshire Council

HMEP Collaboration & Change LEAN

North East Lincolnshire Council

They wanted to explore opportunities to reduce disruption for road users and to develop closer working relationships between users of space on the highways i.e. utilities and the Highway Authority, to improve the service for our customers (road users, pedestrians, public transport and residents).  They believed they could maximise the use of booked road space and so reduce the days of disruption to a minimum, as well as provide better information for road users.

The scope was to work with utility companies who had a significant presence in North East Lincolnshire so they engaged with National Grid, Anglian Water and Balfour Beatty Utility Services.  They chose to use LEAN to tackle the problem because having had previous experience of successfully using LEAN, they knew that the LEAN approach would help engage stakeholders, see the customer perspective and create strong measures.

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