How it works

Connect & Share is a virtual resource of practice material


The concept of Connect & Share is simple, to gather existing practice material from across the sector and make it available to all.

To do this we rely on material contributed by existing networks, regional and national,and individual orgnisations. Together they create a national resource that is constantly updated and freely available.

The main aims of Connect & Share are to:

  • Provide a more complete picture of what is happening across the sector and who is doing what
  • Reinforce collaboration locally, between regions and across the sector.
  • Provide a greater visibility of the things that work well 
  • Allow best performers to share their experience for the benefit of all

During its life HMEP has developed products and services to help the sector improve its efficiency. Now that DfT funding of HMEP has come to an end Connect & Share offers a very cost effective way of spreading efficient practice as a stimulus to improvement.

How Connect & Share operates

Connect & Share is self-sufficient, it is therefore important that collection and collation of practice material is done without the need for central intervention and administration. 

The NHT Network has been appointed as facilitator and is responsible for enrolling the support of existing Networks regional and national, who are invited to adopt the principles of Connect & Share. These principles place the onus on the supporting Networks to provide regular updates of practice material and a nomination to the Connect & Share Steering Group that oversees operations. 

Connect & Share Steering Group

The Connect & Share steering group meets several times a year and sets priorities for the collection and sharing of practice, reviews the Connect & Share website, and considers ways to encourage the sharing of practice across the sector. 

The steering group is made up of representatives from each of the enrolled Networks, with a current membership as follows:



Adele Clarkson        West Midland Highways Alliance       
Alice Russell    Midland Service Improvement Group
Andrew Martin Direct Management Group
Emma Cockburn South West Highways Alliance 
Samantha Cross Greater Manchester Regional Network 
Sharon Andrews National Highways & Transport Network 
Sheila Crouch South East Service Improvement Group 


The purpose of the Steering Group is to; 

• Provide a focus for collection of practice material, prioritising areas of particular interest
• Review website content and consider ways of making it easier to use
• Provide the sector with updates of latest material and report progress to the HMEP Strategic Steering Group


Disclaimer: please read before using any Practice Material from this site.

The material on this site has been contributed in good faith but has not been adjudicated as being good or best practice. Anyone using the site should make their own decisions as to whether any individual content is useful or not.